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Liebert Power Distribution Units (PDU)


1.- The Liebert Precision Power Center (PPC):

The PPC units provide the protection your critical loads demand. They integrate isolation, electronic grade grounding, distribution and power monitoring in a single, self-contained cabinet. They are available for raised floor (15-225kVA) and non-raised floor applications (15-150kVA.

Options include branch circuit monitoring system, harmonics mitigation, surge suppression, combination of power distribution and automatic switching (see STS2/PDU).

Power Distribution Unit (PDU): Liebert PPC The Liebert Precision Power Center (PPC) brings you a distribution system that is both secure and easily expandable (15-225kVA)
  • computer grade grounding: the PPC unit establishes a single point ground for the critical load (copper windings transformer 480v. input, 120/208Y output
  • secure distribution and circuit identification: individually protected 225A panelboards with plug-in or bolt-on breakers. Each breaker has a tag ID, each output cable is labeled at each end
  • non-linear load compatibility: the PPC units can accommodate moderate levels of harmonic currents. If severe levels of harmonics are anticipated, K-Factor transformers, and multi-output transformers option for harmonic current cancellation are available.
  • on-site power monitoring:
    • True RMS measurements
    • Autoscan of all parameters
    • Adjustable alarm thresholds
    • Programmable custom alarms
    • Battery-backed alarm memory
    • Summary alarm contact
  • Options:
    • An expansion cabinet can be placed adjacent to Liebert PPC, adding up to six additional panel boards.
    • Transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) is available for increased protection from damaging voltage surges.
    • Redundant Liebert PPC configurations are available for high-availability, fault-tolerant applications including: dual-input breakers, dual-transformers, and static transfer switches.
    • K20 transformer safely withstands high harmonic currents associated with electronic loads without derating.
  • Liebert PPC: PDU Brochure

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2.- The Liebert Remote Distribution Cabinet (FDC):

The FDC units extend the functionality of the PDU by packaging up to 168 poles (four complete 42-pole inline panelboards) in a stand-alone cabinet with the smallest possible footprint.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU): Liebert FDC The Remote Distribution Cabinet (RDC) is the simplest way to wire a colocation facility or internet data center. It extends the functionality of the PDU by packaging 168 poles (four complete panelboards) in a stand-alone cabinet with a rack footprint.
Unlike standard Liebert Precision Power Center (PPCs), the RDC has no internal isolation transformer and requires 4-wire-plus-ground input from a PPC or other transformer.
    Product Features:
  • 168 Breaker Poles in a stand alone rack footprint cabinet
  • Unique 42-Pole Inline Panelboards
  • Unobstructed Wiring Access for Ease of Installation
  • Complete Isolation and Maintainability
  • Single, dual or four-input configuration
  • Optional clear door
  • Optional current monitoring panel
  • Liebert FDC Brochure

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