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BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring System

BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring and Conditioning System: Try it free  


1.-BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring System

Batteries are an essential part of your mission critical power backup system. Unhappily, they are also the weakest link in your overall redundant backup architecture. One bad battery in a string will shut down your operation at a time when you need it the most.  
Preventive maintenance services can detect a bad battery, but they are too far apart to ensure that no battery will fail during a power outage. The solution and the only solution is to monitor continuously all your batteries and detect early any potential problems.

Keyitec offers the BACS/Generex system, the only system that monitors your batteries and extends their service life to 7-10 years (10-year rated VRLA's) and to 15-20 years (for 20-year rated VRLA's and flooded batteries). Over 500,000 batteries have been installed with the BACS/Generex system since 2004.

BACS Status Page The BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System monitors 24x7 in real-time your mission critical batteries and securely collects detailed data on battery performance and health status; it is cost effective and easy to install. The BACS/Generex system is comprised of two main components: the BACS module and the WebManager. The BACS module is installed on each battery and polls:
  • Voltage (continuously)
  • Impedance (once a day)
  • Temperature of each battery (continuously)
The BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System
  • Provides monitoring of key battery parameters, warnings and alarms indicative of a failing battery or a thermal runaway
  • Provides "Equalization/Balancing" with tight floating voltage control of each battery (nominal voltage +/-.01V)
    • Which prevents overcharging & undercharging
    • Extends battery service life expectancy to 7-10 years (10-year rated VRLA's) and to 15-20 years (for 20-year rated VRLA's and flooded batteries)
    • Allows to replace only failing batteries as needed
    • Allows Mix and Match of new and old batteries within the same string
    • No more full string replacement or premature battery replacement
  • Is complemented by the BACS team of battery experts which offers unlimited support and notification in advance of battery trends that may result in failure. Your operation is assured of 100% uptime.
  • Includes "Managed Services" with 24x7 alarms, notification, escalation & battery asset management
  • Saves end-users substantial cash flow over PM's or passive battery monitoring systems (see case study below on 3000 VRLA's - $2.5M savings over 10 years)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison over 10 years BACS Conditioning - VRLA battery

BACS on VRLA batteries
  • Overcharging (dryout) and undercharging (sulfation) are the main causes of battery degradation and premature replacement in UPS Systems
  • BACS controls the float voltage of each battery
    • each battery float voltage is maintained at 13.6V +/-0.1V or better (VRLA's)
    • each cell float voltage is maintained at 2.25V +/-0.01V or better (wet cells)
    • no more overcharging nor undercharging
    • no premature degradation nor need to replace the entire string(s)
    • old and new batteries can cohabit within the string with no negative effect
    • only failing batteries are ever replaced
  • BACS your monitoring & battery life extension solution
    • daily polling and trending analysis of every battery and string, including battery voltage, resistance and temperature
    • detects trends, failing battery and sends an alarm
    • reduces battery maintenance cost, extends battery life for maximum ROI
    • allows new and old batteries within the same string with no negative effects
    • only failing batteries are replaced - replacing the entire string is no more needed
    • major savings over PM's and over conventional/passive battery monitoring systems
BACS on flooded batteries


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