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Since 2000, Keyitec has been the leading "one-stop" provider of Power Backup, Solar/Renewable Energy, Power Quality and Data Center solutions (Design-Build) and equipment for the commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional, military, medical and recreational facilities.

Data Center Solutions Power Backup: Gensets Power Backup: UPS's Battery Cabinet for UPS UPS Batteries Battery Spill Containment Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Intelligent PDU Telco DC Power Power Conditioners Power Quality: Surge Protector 2.2MVA Flywheel Solar Systems
Data Center Genset UPS Battery Cabinets Battery Replacement Spill Containment PDU Smart PDU Telco DC Power Power Conditioner Surge Protection Flywheel Solar

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Power Solutions

  • Design & Build Keyitec offers site assessment and design, engineering and permitting, construction and installation, maintenance and expansion.

Telecom DC Power

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Power Backup: UPS's

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

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Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

  • Eaton/Powerware PDU's: PDM and RPP
  • Liebert PDU's: PPC & RDC and STS2/PDU (true dual-bus power distribution)
  • MGE PDU's: PMM, Remote PMM, PMM Plus and PMM Ultra (PDU + Automatic Transfer Switch for dual input distribution)
  • PDI PDU's: PowerPak, RPP and SBR + PowerPak for redundant power distribution
  • PDU Cables Fully tested UL478 cables w/ receptacles, labels, colors
  • Track Busway Systems: versatile busway systems with "turn-and-lock" plugs for easy power distribution to cabinets and racks.
  • Intelligent PDU's: basic, metered, monitored and switched PDU's with sophisticated remote management capabilities (monitor, track and manage servers and IT equipment)
    • Sentry, Liebert, Powerware/Eaton ePDU, APC
  • Eaton Rack Power Modules (RPM's): The 3U RPM's deliver up to 36kW of power in an organized manner to loads of various voltages, power cords and layouts w/ Power Equalizer LED display and optional network monitoring.

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Battery Replacement for UPS

Battery Services (PM, Replacement) or Additional Battery Cabinet(s)

New batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supplies: Typically batteries need to be replaced after 3 to 5 years of operation
Enviroguard Battery Spill Containment

Battery Spill Containment

Enviroguard Compliance Solutions: Approved spill containment systems for VRLA and wet batteries

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Power Quality: Surge Protector

Surge Protectors

  • Eaton SPD/TVSS: The Eaton product line offers maximum surge protection for service entrance and distribution panels at an affordable price.

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Power Conditioners: Eaton/Powerware PowerSure

Power Conditioners

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2.2MVA Flywheel

Flywheel/Rotary UPS

  • UPS protection without batteries (2,200kVA per machine)
  • Flywheels on their own are the optimum solutions for facilities affected by voltage fluctuations, momentary interruptions, lower power factor, harmonic voltage distortion, unbalanced loads.
  • Combined with a generator, the flywheel/genset provides as well protection against blackouts and longer power outages.
  • Flywheel

DC Flywheel + Static UPS

  • UPS protection without batteries
  • optimum solution for facilities affected by voltage fluctuations and momentary interruptions
  • on demand power for 20 years, low maintenance, unlimited cycles
  • Combined with a generator, the DC flywheel + UPS provides as well protection against blackouts and longer power outages.
  • PowerThru DC Flywheel
  • Vycon Direct Connect VDC & VDC-XE

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Solar Systems

Renewable energy: Solar Systems

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Power Backup: Gensets

Natural gas or diesel gensets

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Power Quality: Metering/Monitoring

Energy meters, Power Quality Monitors

Fully integrated Ethernet-based power-metering and power-monitoring systems for utilities and industrial facilities

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  • Line-interactive UPS's up to 6kVA: Eaton 5P, Eaton 5PX, Eaton EX, Liebert PSA & PSI
  • Liebert UPS's (PSA, PSI, GXT3, MicroPOD, IS-WEBCARD)
  • Toshiba 1000 Series UPS (1kVA to 3kVA), RemotEye II
  • Eaton EX Series, Eaton PW9130
  • Eaton Ferrups UPS's: 500VA to 3.1kVA
  • Eaton SPD's: 80kA to 400kA surge current protection
  • Eaton ePDU's: basic, monitored, switched
  • Eaton eATS: in-rack automated transfer switch for redundant power supply
  • Air-Guard Cable Seal Products: seal cable openings on the data center floor to minimize cool air loss
  • Enviroguard Spill Containment Products: Neutralizing & Absorbing Pillows, Eyewash Stations, Signage, Spill Clean Up Kits, Compliance Kits
  • Solar inverters, charge controllers, sensors, monitors: Outback, Solectria, SMA/Sunny Boy, Xantrex, Fronius

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