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UPS Battery Replacement

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1.-UPS Battery Cross-Reference Guide:

Keyitec offers C&D, Deka, Enersys, Fiamm batteries w/ installation and PM services
Fiamm batteries are at the moment particularly attractive, pricewise - take advantage of these very high quality batteries at amazing prices!

Deka FIAMM C&D Enersys
45HR2000 FLX200 UPS12-210MR HX205
24HR3000 FLX300 UPS12-300MR HX300
27HR3500 FLX350 UPS12-350MR HX330
31HR4000 FLX400 UPS12-400MR HX400
31HR5000 FLX500 UPS12-490MR HX505
HR5500 FLX540 UPS12-540MR HX540


2.-UPS Battery Services:

Keyitec provides New UPS batteries for almost any UPS brands and sizes at a competitive price.
UPS Battery Replacement Keyitec can provide you with VRLA batteries for most single and 3-phase UPS's:
  • Liebert
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Eaton
  • Schneider
  • GE . . .

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3.-BACS/Generex: cost effective battery monitoring & conditioning system and thermal runaway prevention:

BACS on VRLA batteries Keyitec offers the BACS system and its Managed Services:
  • The BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System continuously and securely collects detailed data on battery performance; it is cost effective and easy to install. The BACS is comprised of two components: the BACS module and the WebManager/Controller which also provide accurate data to determine the health of each battery including:
    • Voltage (measured continuously)
    • Resistance (measured once a day)
    • Temperature of each battery (measured continuously)
    • Power outages (voltage measured continuously)
    • Float current (optional)
    • Conditioning of each battery: each battery is maintained at nominal/manufacturer specified voltage (no more undercharging or overcharging)
      • which extends the battery service life significantly
      • allows to only replace batteries that are failing (extended service life)
      • allows old and new batteries within the same string w/o negative effects
      • prevents full string replacement (improved ROI)

  • Embedded in the BACS hardware components is the ability to deliver remote, web-based reporting and human analysis. The BACS system monitors the health of every battery and the health of the monitoring system itself.
    • It polls each battery in every battery string in each facility, every day.
    • Complemented by the Keyitec team of battery experts which offer unlimited support and notification in advance of battery trends that may result in failure, your operation is assured of 100% uptime.
    • Included with the BACS is complete asset management of the battery system down to detailed history and replacement records of each unit
BACS on flooded batteries
  • BACS your monitoring solution
    • daily polling and trending analysis of every battery and string, including battery voltage, resistance and temperature of each battery
    • detects trends, failing battery and sends an alarm
    • reduces battery maintenance cost, extends battery life by 50%+ for maximum ROI

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