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Geist Monitored PDU's

Geist offers the broadest range of power distribution units (PDU's) and custom options available, from basic units to sophisticated outlet level switching units.
  • Geist Monitored PDU's are made in Lincoln, NE (USA) in a state-of-the-art facility
  • Geist specializes in build-to-order PDU's
    • orders ship within 3-5 days; 99.7% on-time delivery
    • build-to-order processes guarantee short lead-times for custom PDU's
  • all products are UL tested
  • dedicated conformance engineering team oversees on-site UL testing lab
Geist PDU
PDU Finder Monitored PDU Selection
  • Go to PDU Finder
  • Use the dropdown menus to select: Country, Type/Monitored, Amps, Voltage, kW.... then click on "Search"
PDU Finder Results Monitored PDU Results
  • Select the "Item#" for the PDU's that fit your needs
  • Copy and Paste these Item#'s in the Request for Quote herafter with Quantity, Submit Query

Request for Quote - Geist Monitored PDU's
Your name: Your company name:
Your e-mail: Your Phone Number:

I request a quote for the following Geist PDU's

Comments: Please enter PDU description and/or P/N's and needed quantities
For Ex.: RCXWN449-102MB1TL21-D - Power Monitoring (input and per phase), Unit Level, + Environmental Monitoring -- 20A, 120/208V WYE, 3 Phase, Vertical,
(36) IEC C13,(6) IEC C19,(2) NEMA 5-20R, 10 ft power L21-20P

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