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DCIM: Geist Environet


Geist Environet provides the data granularity required for data center efficient management of environmentals, power consumption and cooling.
Access to real-time, holistic information on assets, power, environment and process empowers users to proactively manage moves, adds and changes, and make fact-based decisions.

With SNMP, Modbus, BACnet and LONworks capability, Environet supports multiple types of equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

Environet can be accessed remotely through a Web-based user interface and sends immediate notifications when an alarm is triggered.


Geist Environet Real-Time Monitoring
  • critical issues activate alarms & alerts immediately
  • in a single mouse click, details and exact location of the problem are determined
  • historic data is preserved for trend analysis
Geist Environet: Capacity Planning Geist Environet: Available U Space Capacity Planning
  • for power, cooling, physical spaces issues
    • users can visualize the effects of expansion and changes
    • users can simulate the expansion or change requirements before actually moving a single rack
Geist Environet: Automated Airflow Control Automated Control
  • connect facility infrastructure equipment with sensors to automatically adjust as conditions demand (CRAC, Chillers...)
Geist Environet: Rack Space Asset Management
  • quick and easy import of assets
  • assets are added to the database and assigned to the rack and U space where installed

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