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Geist ActiveAir: Intelligent Airflow Management

With power density per rack reaching new levels, the open hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement is becoming more and more ineffective. Even the cold aisle or hot aisle containment concepts are being challenged. The solution, the Geist Air Management System - it delivers significant savings over any other solutions by extracting the heat directly from the cabinets, and containing/directing the hot air back to the CRAC unit(s)


The Intelligent Containment System conforms to almost any environment to deliver intelligent cooling

Geist ActiveAir: Fan & Presssure Sensor Geist ActiveAir: Cabinet Containment
  • It maintains the ideal temperature for the data center equipment:
    • heat is contained within the enclosure and the chimney
    • heat is expelled through the chimney back to the CRRAC units
    • sophisticated sensors control the fan speeds andexhaust the hot air at the most efficient rate
  • It fits virtually every new or existing cabinet
  • for low-density cabinets (up to 4kW)
    • simpler system with no active components: relies on server fans to push exhaust
    • easily upgradable to an active system for higher density as density increases

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