MGE Power Distribution Units (PDU): MGE PMM and Remote PMM

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MGE Power Distribution Units (PDU)


1.- The MGE Power Management Module (PMM):

The PMM units provide the protection your critical loads demand. They integrate isolation, electronic grade grounding, distribution and power monitoring in a single, self-contained cabinet. They are available for 30 to 300kVA applications

Options include branch circuit monitoring system, harmonics mitigation, surge suppression, combination of power distribution and automatic switching (see PMM Plus/PMM Ultra).

MGE PMM The MGE PMM units provide instant front access via hinged doors, dead front panels and ample raceway and landing space for cables for easy connections and changes
  • accommodate up to 252 breakers (2 x 42 pole panelboards in std 42" PMM cabinet + 4 extra panelboards using either front or side facing cabinet configurations)
  • 200% rated neutral bus
  • top or bottom entry
  • 22kAIC input CB (higher kAIC available)
  • computer grade K20 isolation transformer (Copper windings standard for 150kVA to 300kVA units)
  • options:
    • isolated ground
    • input junction box with 10' cable
    • harmonic cancellation transformer
    • high kAIC input CB
    • TVSS
    • floor stands
    • remote EPO
    • locking door
    • branch circuit breaker current monitoring
    • distribution breakers
    • cables and receptacles

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2.- The MGE PMM Remote:

The MGE PMM Remote offers flexibility for added capacity of the PMM cabinet or as a stand-alone, compact power distribution unit.

MGE PMM Remote The MGE Remote PMM contains 2x 42 pole panelboards in a very compact footprint (14" x 30")
  • 2 x 42 pole panelboards with individual main breakers
  • back-to-back or side-by-side 168 pole configurations
  • top or bottom cable entry option

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