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Flywheel/US-RUPS Rotary UPS

Kinetic energy is stored in a flywheel coupled to an induction motor/generator. When short-term back-up power is required (i.e. when utility power fluctuates or is lost), the flywheel's inertia allows it to continue spinning and the resulting kinetic energy is converted back to electricity. This allows to provide ride-through power to critical loads during electrical disturbances like sags, brownouts, momentary interruptions and short power outages.
Combined with a generator, it offers the ultimate battery-free UPS/power solution for longer outages.

Do not hesitate to call our engineers to discuss your application, they will help you decide if the flywheel/rotary UPS is the right solution for you (technical support# 480-332-0390)  

1.- US-RUPS RRT-2200:Rotary UPS

The 2.2MVA Rotary UPS manufactured by CM Technology offers the optimum battery-free protection against mains disturbances and power quality problems that affect processing plants and commercial facilities. The unit uses a proven, robust and simple design that guarantees performance and longevity. The first bearing change is not expected for at least 7 years making this concept the lowest maintenance cost when compared to other flywheels. For details please download the spec/brochure and give us a call.

2.2MVA Flywheel US-RUPS/Rotary UPS (2,200kVA/1,760kW per machine)
  • up to 12 seconds of power outage ride through at full load (provides ample engine starting time if combined with genset)
  • corrects low voltage, including sags
  • handles 100% non-linear loads, blocks load harmonics from reaching the rest of the system
  • isolates the load against input harmonics
  • corrects power factor (avoids low power factor penalties charged by utilities)
  • eliminates problems caused by high energy surges (utility switching) and lightning strikes
  • high efficiency and high degree of reliability /robustness
  • long life expectancy and low maintenance: first bearing change after 7 years of operation
  • rotary UPS available by adding a diesel engine (mechanical coupling/clutch) or a genset (electrical coupling through an ATS)
  • input voltages 380V. up to 15kV
  • dual flywheel and system paralleling for increased energy storage and/or ride through
  • indoor installation or outdoor w/ weatherproof enclosure
  • ISO container packaging available
Rotary UPS w/ diesel engine


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