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BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System: Free Trial Request

Keyitec offers a "one-month" free trial of the BACS/Generex Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System for up to 240 wet cells or VRLA batteries.

At the end of the trial, you will have the possibility:

BACS Installation Free Trial demonstrates:
  • battery management: monitoring of key parameters (Voltage, Impedance, Temperature) for each battery with warnings & alarms
  • tight float voltage for each battery that prevents overcharging and undercharging
  • cohabitation of new and old batteries within the same string with no negative effect
  • replacement of failing batteries when needed - full string replacement not needed anymore
  • lower total cost of ownership
  • extended battery service life: 7-10 years for 10-year rated VRLA's, 15-20 years for 20-year rated VRLA's and flooded cells

Once we receive your information (see below), we will prepare a trial agreement with all the details for your review.

Your name: Your company name:
Your e-mail: Your Phone Number:

I request information for a free trial of the BACS Battery Monitoring & Conditioning System:

Comments: Describe your battery system (DC voltage, # of strings, # of batteries per string, battery brand & size, battery date code)
For ex.: (3) 400kVA Liebert UPS's, each UPS with (2) battery cabinets of (40) Deka batteries HR7500ET each - date code: 5/1/2014

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